We offer our customers the automation of production processes in sheet metal processing. These processes are pressing work, cutting and punching of sheet metal and wire, the manufacture of individual products through special machines and the like.


Our customers are manufacturers of parts for the automotive industry, manufacturers of household appliances and other electrical equipment manufacturer of metal components for the construction industry and manufacturers of various semi-finished products made of sheet metal (cut strips, cut sheets, etc.).


For most of our customer process automation adaptation of plant is usually required. That means for us, that we have to  develop and design the systems according to customer requirements. Automation of the large-scale production, we must take into account the investment is reliable and user-friendly. All of these problems requires detailed knowledge and the quality of work.


The company Strega d.o.o. was founded in 2008, by colleagues who have worked together in the past in the design and manufacture of equipment for the automation of manufacturing processes.